Reflect Scientific has been granted a patent by the US Patent Office for an ultracold shipping and storage container that uses liquid nitrogen technology for cooling – and it could carry the Covid-19 vaccine.

The large state-of-the-art shipping system could carry many thousands of doses of vaccines and utilises the commercially proven Cryometrix patented cooling and freezing technology that has the flexibility to provide precise temperature control across a wide range of temperatures.

The system accommodates payloads ranging from those requiring conventional refrigeration to specialty products such as Covid-19 and related vaccines that may require temperatures as low as -80° centigrade (-112° Fahrenheit).

Systems can be configured to provide for short or long duration shipping cycles, making it an ideal choice for cold chain management.

Kim Boyce, CEO of Reflect Scientific, said, “Reflect Scientific is now working with organisations such as the governments’ Operation Warp Speed and air carriers that have the expertise to utilise this storage system for specific customised applications.”