RegO has seen demand for products related to oxygen regulation and flow control increase by more than 40% in recent months as it meets the needs for oxygen-related systems during the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

North Carolina, US-based RegO’s in-demand products have included globe valves, manifolds, high-pressure master valves, pressure relief valves, short stem shutoff valves, and final line and pressure build regulators.

RegO®, derived from the words “Regulator” and “Oxygen”, is owned by Engineered Controls International LLC, (ECI), and produces valves, pressure regulators, and safety pressure relief devices used for storage, transport and supply of industrial and medical gases. These products are used by the likes of Air Liquide, Airgas Healthcare, Air Products, Linde, Chart Industries, Eleet Cryogenics, and CTR Inc.

Source: RegO

Chart Industries microbulk tank plumbed with RegO products for oxygen delivery to hospitals, including a fill manifold designed with SK Advantage Series valves as well as relief valves, short stem cryogenic shutoff valves, and pressure build and economiser regulators

Inside hospitals, RegO’s products are used for medical gas fittings and hose assemblies. Superior Products LLC, another division of ECI located in Ohio, manufactures these medical products, including specifically respirator components. Superior Products has seen an increase in demand of these products by as much as 125% versus the previous year.

“Starting in March, as the virus continued to quickly spread, RegO instituted an internal process to help prioritise all orders related to healthcare and the Covid-19 pandemic to the front of the line,” Emily Harrell, Sr. Product Line Manager, Industrial Gas & LNG, told gasworld.

“RegO has continued to work diligently with its’ suppliers since February to identify and address any constraints as soon as possible by looking at alternate vendors used in the past as well as identifying new vendors where necessary. Additional shifts have also been included in the production schedule as necessary.

”All these actions have enabled RegO to continue supplying customers with the right products they need as quickly as possible to help supply the healthcare and other critical industries. For example, in early April, when a hospital in Northeast America suffered a sudden shutdown of an oxygen delivery system due to excessive use, a tank manufacturer readily equipped with RegO products was able to get the hospital back up and running in less than 48 hours.”

RegO’s products also serve other critical infrastructure industries including: farming and food preservation (ammonia); drug and chemical manufacturing (multiple industrial gases); residential and industrial heating (propane and LNG); residential and industrial cooking (propane and LNG); and emergency power generation (propane and LNG). RegO also offers advanced equipment for liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicle and point of use applications.