Created by combining the two words “regulator” and “oxygen” in 1920 when it split off from a Chicago-based soda fountain manufacturing company, RegO now stands as a global manufacturer of specialty valve and control parts.  

Source: RegO

PRV9430 and T9460 series

Over the years, RegO has continued its focus on innovations and has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of regulators and valves for the propane and industrial gas industries. In 1985, the company moved to Elon, North Carolina and has since continued to expand both its manufacturing capabilities and product portfolio.

Since moving to North Carolina, RegO has opened up an additional four facilities in the state and employees almost 700 personnel globally with further locations in Germany, Mexico and China.

RegO prides itself in its ever-growing line of products. Over the last two and a half years the company has developed and launched over 20 new products and continues to expand those developments and explore new markets.

To find out more about RegO’s product portfolio, the market segments it is active in, any new innovations and recent expansions, gasworld caught up with Emily Harrell, RegO’s Senior Product Manager of Industrial Gases and LNG Products.

What markets does RegO serve?

Emily Harrell (EH): RegO’s product portfolio is very diverse. Our products are used in various applications, including industrial gas and LNG cylinders; bulk and microbulk tanks; trailers and ISO tanks; air separation units; liquid cryogenic and gas delivery systems; gas phase regulation stations; electric transformer nitrogen delivery systems; high pressure gas tube storage and transport and carbon dioxide (CO2) storage and delivery systems.

As we continue to innovate and expand our production portfolio, our products are increasingly being used for microbulk and bulk tanks – both for industrial gas and LNG – as well as CO2 beverage carbonation cylinders.

What are some of RegO’s most popular products?

EH: Our most popular, well-known products are pressure relief valves – the PRV9430 (non-ASME) and PRV19430 (ASME rated) series – and the short stem cryogenic shutoff valves – T9450 and T9460 series. These RegO products have been used on industrial gas liquid cylinders for more than 20 years and, over the past five years, the popularity of these products has continued to increase on growing applications such as LNG truck cylinders and microbulk tanks.

Can you tell us about some of RegO’s new innovations?

EH: RegO is currently launching a new stainless-steel diverter series known as the DV4100 series. We worked with our customers to identify a need in the market for a diverter that is capable of providing a flow rate high enough to meet fire code requirements while also being as compact and lightweight as possible for use in microbulk applications.

This diverter was designed with the use of our well-proven Kold-Seal™ technology, in conjunction with wave springs and added sealing protection, to prevent internal and external leakage. The three-way ball valve is designed to provide the highest possible flow rates while still providing a bubble tight seal in cryogenic conditions.

We are also in the process of launching a stainless steel, spring-loaded piston lift check valve series. The CV9400 series builds upon the SK Advantage Series and uses the same one-piece, conical seat design to provide the highest possible flow rate and bubble tight seal as well as easy assembly and maintenance.

Last year RegO announced major expansion plans for its North Carolina facility. Can you tell us more about this commitment?

EH: In the fall of 2019, RegO announced a major investment in its Rock Creek machining facility designed to increase its capacity and efficiency. With multiple machines already installed and in production, we are a little over 50% complete with our original plan and have two new machines coming on-line in the next few weeks.

Despite the turmoil created by coronavirus, we still expect to complete all major equipment installation projects by the end of 2020 and are committed to keeping RegO a world-class manufacturing centre of excellence here in the US. 

What are some new business ventures that RegO is perusing this year?

EH: RegO is constantly innovating, which is a critical component for a company to not just survive, but thrive, for more than 110 years. We have several different partnerships ongoing with large companies well-known in the industries in which we do business to innovate new technologies that can be used not just in the coming years but those that will lead the way for the future of green fuel solutions.

The theme of this month’s magazine is “New Technologies and Asset Management”, can you tell us about your newest technology and how it is serving the market?

EH: We are continuing to identify new solutions for fast-growing markets, such as CO2. Last year, we developed relief pipe away systems for CO2 BevCarb tanks that simplifies and decreases the required footprint of the relief plumbing. The RPA250 minimalizes leak points and provides a quick and easy way for replacement of PRVs in the field during service and maintenance.