More than 100 people gathered in Barcelona, Spain, when Air Products discussed the relationship between gases and food.

The event was attended by journalist, presenter and writer Olga Viza, the baker Christian Escribà, and General Manager of Carburos Metálicos Francesco Maione, which is owned by Air Products, shared their thoughts, ideas and trends related to the world of chemistry applied to power.

The teacher Escribà explained how the industrial gases of Air Products such as CO2, helium or nitrogen, contributed to his creativity - for example, when making his “after eight” dessert, because the gases help retain fresh mint and allow the extension of life of the product.

Escribà also told that the origin of his link with Air Products dates back to his childhood, when his father sent him to buy dry ice for their cakes at the factory. He added that after years he has discovered other relationship with industrial gases that help you create small moments of happiness.

Furthermore, coinciding with the day of the book the company has published for the occasion, guidance and practical cookbook “Tasty Food from A to Z with Air Products” that gathers the most important applications of its industrial gases sector - food.

Among the food which utilises industrial gases includes beer, meat packaging, cream, the freezing of fruits and vegetables with nitrogen, among other examples.

“We can now eat almost anything at any time of the year and in most cases with a growth derived from the application of industrial gases,” said the General Manager of Carburos Metálicos, who added, “the freezing of food is one of our main applications used by the food industry.”

“We could have been mere suppliers of liquid nitrogen, however we wanted to provide solutions, developing equipment to facilitate the freezing process adapting to new foods or new formats of food.”