Reliance Globalcom has signed a five-year agreement with Süd-Chemie, which will see it designing, implementing and managing a new global Wide-Area Network for the German specialty chemicals manufacturer.

Süd-Chemie - the listed, Munich headquartered, innovative international producer of specialty chemicals – required an IP VPN and MPLS solution, including Managed Internet Access and Remote Access Services, connecting 74 office and manufacturing sites across 20 countries worldwide. These included challenging emerging market locations in Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and China, as well as more established markets across Europe, US, South Africa, Australia, and Singapore.

In September 2008, Süd-Chemie, approached Reliance Globalcom to investigate the cost and network management efficiencies that could be achieved by creating a globally outsourced network that would have the flexibility to provide best-of-breed in-country solutions, whilst also creating a consistent set of service level agreements (SLAs) and management processes.

Reliance Globalcom completed a fully vendor-independent consultation of all the markets in which Süd-Chemie needed to operate, and presented a network design which incorporated significant increases in bandwidth to most of the sites, including the Munich headquarters and the hosting centre, to enable increased redundancy and allow new high bandwidth IP applications to be shared internationally.

In addition, Reliance Globalcom consolidated numerous local service providers in each market, under one single point of global management, maintaining the local service flexibility and cost advantages, but reducing network management expectations on local IT teams.

“Operating in the diverse international markets that we do, network availability and the highest service standards in each country are critical for us to maintain our credibility and service with our local customers and partners,” said Dr. Walter Grüner, CIO Süd-Chemie.

“It took us only 6 months from agreement to roll-out completion. Since then we have seen our global network costs reduced by 20%, as Reliance Globalcom’s flexible, Hybrid VNO sourcing means we no longer have to negotiate and manage contracts with the multiple, in-country carrier and service providers and can concentrate on our key business deliverables. Having Reliance Globalcom as a single point of contact for all WAN services has really proved to be a huge benefit for us.”

Süd-Chemie realised significant business advantages by separating, standardising and out- and re-sourcing the network management.

Reliance Globalcom were in a unique position to provide an informed, consultative approach to network management through established relationships with over 700 carriers and service providers globally, which has meant Süd-Chemie benefited from a seamless integration of the new services into existing processes.

“We are very pleased that Süd-Chemie has been able to realise the real business value of our global network design expertise and local carrier relationships,” commented Jürgen Keller, Managing Director Central Europe at Reliance Globalcom.

“We have over 20 years of experience in designing multi-carrier, global networks, and the processes and expertise that this brings to our customers today cannot be found anywhere else in the market.”