Ukraine’s REMTEHGAZ has announced that a large capacity system for the production of liquid nitrogen has been put into operation in Russia, a project the company was intrinsically involved with.

In December 2009, OJSC ‘Surgutneftegas’ put the large-capacity system into operation, designed to provide liquid nitrogen used in the process of intensification of wells, extraction facilities of Surgutneftegas in the region.

The complex includes a system for the long-term storage of liquid nitrogen on the basis of stationary cryogenic tanks with a total volume of 400m3 (8 x 50). Vertical-type tanks with perlite-vacuum insulation ensure the long-term storage of cryogenic products.

Equipment also supplied includes pumping equipment, interblock valves, cryogenic piping, and a full set of materials needed for installation of equipment for the project, on a turnkey delivery basis.

LLC IPF REMTEHGAZ was chosen as the key equipment supplier for the project, chosen as one of the leading engineering companies in Ukraine and as a specialist in the supply of equipment for the oil & gas industry.

A key factor in choosing a supplier for ‘Surgutneftegaz’ was the experience in implementing complex solutions in the field of industrial technologies, and existing projects on a turnkey basis.

In addition to equipment supply, REMTEHGAZ also performed a wide range of services, including installation of supplied equipment, supervisory services, commissioning, and on-completion conducted acceptance tests. Further still, the company addressed questions about the installation, organisation of access roads, location of equipment and more, as well as holding approval documents such as certificates of compliance & authorization for all supplied equipment.

Close cooperation
According to REMTEHGAZ, a distinctive feature of the work was the close cooperation of the two companies at all stages of the project, ranging from elaboration schematics to construction & commissioning.

According to CEO Edward Pirog, REMTEHGAZ has become a respected company due to the professionalism of all employees. This same professionalism has helped the company find new direction and raise the level of competence.

“This is the star, to which we will always strive,” Pirog explained, “because to stand still, then roll-back, we cannot ever afford to do.”