Ukraine-based RemTekhGas has been involved in the sale, installation, repair and star-up and adjustment works of cryogenic equipment since 1999.

From this period the company has gained wide experience, carrying out more then 20 large projects including the instillation of cryogenic capacities and air separation units.

In 2007 the company hopes to offer new opportunities for industrial gas deliveries (including oxygen, argon, nitrogen) to enterprises with high industrial gas consumption. They hope to do this dealiing with problems related to cylinder transport and achieve modern European standards of gases delivery.

The company says it now hopes to establish systems for delivery, storage and gasifications of cryogenic liquids, and also equip cylinder refuelling stations. The company has already started up such systems in Krivoi Rog, based on both its own experience and that of its international partners.

Modernization of their own manufacturing methods also allows RemTekhGas to rethink the way clients are delivered industrial gases. Partners of the company in this area include companies such as VRV, Witt Gasetechnik and Vanzetti Engineering.