Air Products has moved a step closer to its objective of providing sustainable energy by turning renewable feedstock into an energy generating solution, thanks to a joint venture with Alter NRG Corp.

Air Products and Alter NRG Corp. have announced the signing of a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to pursue renewable energy opportunities in North America and Europe.

The non-exclusive agreement gives Air Products the right to license and incorporate Alter NRG’s proprietary Westinghouse Plasma Gasification technology for use in renewable energy projects.

Air Products will initially focus on developing energy facilities that will use various forms of renewable feedstock to generate syngas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, for power, heat or steam generation.

The agreement includes provisions for the two companies to collaborate on the integration of Alter NRG’s plasma gasification technology with the balance of equipment, including Air Products’ oxygen enrichment and syngas treatment technology, necessary to construct renewable energy facilities.

Kevin Murphy, Director of Gasification Business Development at Air Products commented on the venture, he said, “We have been looking at various technologies that meet our renewable energy technology strategy and are pleased to enter into this JDA with Alter NRG. We believe our capabilities fit nicely with Alter NRG’s and their gasification technology meets our requirements of being both sufficiently proven and of a scale suitable for industrial energy production.”

He added, “This agreement will help Air Products move towards its objective of providing sustainable energy by turning renewable feedstock into an energy generating solution.”

Mark Montemurro, President and CEO of Alter NRG was also enthusiastic about the venture, he commented, “Having Air Products as a strategic collaborator provides many benefits. As a Fortune 500 Company, they have the capability—both financially and operationally—to construct commercial facilities. As a leader in industrial gases, equipment, and engineering, they provide synergistic equipment and expertise to reduce overall operational and construction risk. The combination of the Westinghouse Plasma Technology with Air Products experience and operation capabilities provides for exciting opportunities ahead.”