Gow-Mac Instrument Co, long known for its expertise in the manufacturing of thermal conductivity detectors (TCD), is to provide a replacement TCD for the HP 5890A or 5890 Series II gas chromatograph (GC) products.

Each detector comes ready to install in an existing HP 5890 GC, with each detector made of stainless steel and supplied with a single, rhenium-tungsten (WX) filament as standard – though heaters and RTD are not included. Corrosion resistant nickel, Monel, titanium or gold-plated thermal conductivity detector blocks are also offered by the company.

In addition to the HP 5890, Gow-Mac provides replacement filaments and new replacement TCD’s for other major brand name gas chromatographs on the market at present, including many older instruments. The company is a leading manufacturer of gas analysis instrumentation and long known for its expertise in, and manufacturing of, thermal conductivity detectors (TCD).