SCIEX has signed an agreement with Mass Consortium Corporation; a mass spectrometry-focused software company, for the exclusive reseller and marketing rights of XCMSplussoftware.

As the exclusive reseller of XCMSplussoftware, SCIEX will enable researchers to simplify and accelerate their metabolomics workflows, by processing, visualizing, and analyzing data in one interactive, secure bioinformatics environment.

XCMSplus software is an advanced personal cloud version of XCMS Online developed at Scripps, the most cited software in metabolomics. The new XCMSplus offers improved multi-group analysis capabilities, faster on-site data processing, and, local data storage and sharing capabilities unlimited by the XCMSplus software. Metabolomic researchers will be able to accelerate their discovery workflows and shorten their timeframes for translating data into biological information.

“As high-speed, high-resolution SCIEX mass spectrometers are needed to deliver higher quality metabolomics, the rapid acquisition of Big Data is becoming the norm,” said Aaron Hudson, Senior Director of Academic and Clinical Research Business of SCIEX.

“XCMSplusis designed for this rapid acquisition with a robust set of algorithms to align features, identify peaks, perform statistical tests, and visualize complex results. XCMSplusoffers a complete secure interactive workspace in one solution.”

Gary Siuzdak, Professor and Director of the Center for Metabolomics at Scripps, stated, “XCMSplus is a natural fit for SCIEX’s widely used instrument platforms. Beyond XCMS’s robust data processing and visualization features, virtually the entire metabolomic community can privately (and publicly) share their data and results within the XCMSplus personal data cloud. This makes XCMSplus and SCIEX an ideal, integrated platform for the highly collaborative metabolomic community.”amer