During the same month as the company announced expansion of its facilities, Responsive Respiratory (RRI) has increased its product offering too, with Vehicle Cylinder Restraints for DOT compliant cylinder transport.

Engineered with safety in mind, RRI’s exclusive cylinder restraints secure oxygen cylinders in an upright position to eliminate shifting, rolling or ejecting in the event of sudden stops, accidents or roll-overs during delivery - as required by DOT regulations (DOT 49, CFR, CH1, 177.840).

The restraints are constructed of heavy-duty netting and according to RRI, easily secure to most manufacturer’s racks with a quick 'tug' of the strap.

“It comes down to safety,” explains Tom Bannon, RRI President, “These vehicle cylinder restraints are precautionary measure and a necessity for anyone transporting cylinders.$quot;

$quot;With our universal sizing system, it’s easy to select the proper size and upgrade an existing rack rather than purchasing a new, expensive enclosed metal cage – the only other option available today. Dollars and cents-wise, it’s an intuitive next step to outfit the truck and keep the driver safe.”

The vehicle cylinder restraints represent the latest addition in Responsive Respiratory’s full line of cylinder transport and storage solutions including industrial, warehouse and home/office models.

The company revealed this month that it had expanded its warehouse and manufacturing facilities for the second time in as many years, having doubled its usable warehouse and office space in early 2007.