Credential Environmental's new £2m tyre recycling and cryogenic reprocessing plants are expected to be up and running by this summer.

The 50,000 tonne-per-annum capacity site in South Wales, UK will take in tyres for shredding, before sending material to be processed at Credential's cryogenic plant in Baglan, four miles away.

TyreGenics, which runs the project is a partnership between Credential, liquid nitrogen supplier BOC Gases and US-based sports surfaces manufacturer FieldTurf.

The reprocessing cycle begins with shredding the tyres then liquid nitrogen is used to break them down into rubber crumb at low temperatures. The process requires specialist equipment imported from Canadian company, RTI that makes the tyres brittle enough to be hammered down to $quot;rubber crumb.$quot;

Steve Patterson, director of Credential explains that rubber that can be broken down to powder size, $quot;is a much sought after valuable product which can be used in underseals, specialist sealants and mastics$quot; and he has high hopes for the product's future.

Danny Kingston, director of BOC, agrees - speaking when the plans were unveiled he announced with some delight, $quot;Recovering material from discarded tyres using liquid nitrogen is still in its infancy, but by combining resources and expertise, the TyreGenics partners have been able to commercialise the technology quickly and effectively.$quot;