After a much enjoyed gasworld gala dinner held at the Windsor Barra’s El Pardo, delegates reconvened this morning for the two final sessions of the second Latin American Industrial Gas Conference.

Session 4: The Bulk Business

Proceedings were chaired by prior speaker, Newton de Oliveira, President of Industrial Bras Gases and designed to focus on the idiosyncrasies of the bulk business. The session began with Developments in Cryogenic Pumps - a presentation delivered by Samuel Zouaghi, Director of Distribution and Clean Energy at Cryostar who informed delegates about the cryogenic pumping process. Zouaghi covered a number of topics and also explained typical pipe work calculations.

Within his presentation Zouaghi paid particular attention to the role of Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH), he explained, “We want to ensure that we, as a producer, provide a pump that uses as little NPSH as possible, you as industrial gas users have influence on the NPSH available.”

“It is not enough to look at NPSH at your tank outlet, you have direct influence as to how much NPSH you have at the pump- you’ve got a vested interest to make sure that you have the highest possible NPSH available – it is simple you want more NPCH available than is required,” advised Zouaghi.

He then continued to explore and explain theory related to saturated liquid – the condition of a liquid at an equilibrium point, Zouaghi highlighted that any change of this temperature will change the pressure ratio. In addition to a highly informative delivery, Zouaghi also offered a number of other sage words of advice regarding cryogenic pumps, “It sounds simple but make sure that your pump’s operating point is the same as its desired pressure… In the case of installation reciprocating pumps you must make sure you have a dedicated bottom tank outlet, include a gas vent.”

Nirotec’s Carlos Fornas followed on from this with an equally educative vignette into vacuum insulated tanks. Fornas used the opportunity to reveal the advantages of manufacturing and assembling tanks through an onsite basis. Moreover, by drawing upon several real-life Nirotec projects Fornas was able to thoroughly engage the audience and emphasise the factors related to the built-in field.

Fernando Ojedo from Chart, Inc. continued the comparative theme with an informed consideration of the differences and advantages offered by microbulk in contrast to traditional distribution methods. The theme was continued by Michael Blondin, Global Director of Sales and Marketing for VRV Cryo who discussed another key aspect of distribution – namely cyrogenic trailers.

Blondin called upon supporting research to illustrate the very real need in the industrial gases sector for attentive trailer design. Asking the question, ‘What is a stable trailer’, Blondin identified key factors such as conical shaping, self-supporting design and RSS automatic braking as invaluable tools for combating the problematic field of trailer roll-over.

Bringing a close to the session Morton Torngaard, Area Sales Manager for PBI Dansensor, embarked upon a detailed but apt run- through of the key aspects associated with modified atmospheric packaging (MAP). In a highly applicable presentation, Torngaard considered each industrial gas involved in the sector and its particular own properties and applications.

Lunchtime headlines

But without a doubt session four’s key moment was the exclusive announcement of VRV’s official entrance into South America. Dropped, subtly at the end of his presentation, delegates were stunned to learn of the imminent advent of VRV South America – a range of entirely ‘made in Brazil’ cryogenic equipment which is scheduled to start-up by the end of 2011.

If that weren’t enough revelation for the day, delegates were then granted first exposure to the news of INOX CVA’s South American subsidiary. Keen eyed website followers may already have discovered the story, but Savir Julka, Vice President of Marketing, alongside his colleagues, Joe Farach as well as the firm’s Director and CEO, Parag Kulkarni publicised the announcement at the firm’s flagship sponsored lunch.