Rexarc International, Ohio-based manufacturer of acetylene plants, components and spare parts, has developed a product that helps users precisely monitor the levels of acetone, acetylene and reserve space in acetylene cylinders.

Rexarc Auto Acetone Scales

Rexarc Auto Acetone Scales

Source: Rexarc International

The Auto Acetone Scale takes the guesswork out of filling acetylene cylinders, helping users maintain cylinder contents at the appropriate volume:

  • Acetone: 42%
  • Acetylene: 36%
  • Reserve Volume: 10 - 12%

Why opt for Auto Acetone Scales?

Auto Acetone Scales have an intuitive user interface which helps increase efficiency. They can automatically calculate levels based on weight, pressure and temperature, and can accurately add acetone and are nitrogen purged. 

How under acetoned are your cylinders?

During tests, Rexarc found that most cylinders are about 2lbs (1kg) light on acetone. This could lead to accidental overfilling of acetylene, which brings with it problems of safety. This highly accurate device can enable you to avoid high-risk issues related to inaccurate filling of cylinders.

Rexarc has taken the responsibility to innovate and create tools, products, and components that can ensure safe operations in acetylene plants. Auto Acetone Scales increase safety and remove doubt.