Reluctant price increase, but Rexarc helps majority of customers through turbulent times.

Jeffrey Meyer, who became Rexarc International’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing less than six months ago, has announced a price increase on select items. The price change came into effect at the beginning of February.

Meyer was appointed to the role in September 2010 and recognised that a 2011 price hike marked a departure from the norm for the firm. Nevertheless, as he explained, change was inevitable given current economic conditions.

Meyer commented, “Rexarc has not had a price increase in over two years. As some raw material prices have increased we have found it necessary to adjust the price of some of our products. Having said that, over half of our Part Numbers are remaining the same price as 2010, to assist our distributors and end users work through the current economic conditions.”

Despite this the firm held true to its word, cushioning the impact with an innovative interim pricing policy. Rexarc International offered all quotations that were completed prior to 31st January 2011 with 2010 pricing for a complimentary period of thirty days.