Richard Boocock, President of Middle East, Egpyt, Turkey and India – Air Products

Mr. Boocock joined Air Products in 1982 as a participant in the company’s Career Development Program, undertaking assignments in engineering, and research and development. Following a succession of roles as a control and instrumentation engineer, working on a variety of international projects for air separation units and hydrocarbon processing units, Mr. Boocock moved into the sale of equipment business, selling hydrocarbon processing facilities to international oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical companies in 1990. He later moved into a business management role for sale of equipment, comprising air separation technology and hydrocarbon processing technology, before he continued to broaden his commercial experience in a move to lead the European Electronics Division from 1995 to 2000.

Mr. Boocock graduated from Birmingham University in 1982 with Bachelor of Science (Hons) I degree in chemical engineering and later received an MBA from Henley Management College. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.


MENA Industrial Gas Conference 2015

Day 1, Session 1 – The MENA Gases Business

10:30 The Middle East Opportunity