Industrial gas handling and storage solutions provider RITCHIE received an esteemed visitor recently, when a government minister toured the company’s Tayside plant facility in Forfar, Scotland, UK.

Jim Mather, the Scottish Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism, visited RITCHIE's Tayside plant and his excursion is thought to have affirmed the importance of both manufacturing and the oil & gas industry to the Scottish economy.

Mather’s trip was just the latest in a string of high profile visits to RITCHIE’s plant, following visits from the Chairman of Scottish Enterprise in May this year, and the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth in June 2008.

The trip included a brief tour of RITCHIE’s plant and on site facilities, such as the company’s engineering office, production and manufacturing facility, and galvanising plant.

RITCHIE provides innovative handling, storage and security solutions for the offshore, industrial gas and chemical, agricultural, defence, glass, distribution and utility sectors. The company employs over 120 people and Industrial Sales Manager Scott Downie commented, “I think the success of this visit and those that have preceded it demonstrate the progress RITCHIE has made in recent times.”

“I also believe they reflect the importance of manufacturing, and the oil and gas industry, to the overall Scottish economy - something which in my mind can’t be understated.”