As one of the critical players helping the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, RIX Industries is experiencing high demand for its life-changing line of oxygen compressors.

Since talking to gasworld last month, RIX has experienced a further demand increase for its oxygen compressors, which has led the California-based company to begin work on several other oxygen-based products including a portable, long-life, super low-flow oxygen compressor.

Aside from its new venture into the medical market, RIX serves many other markets including military and commercial, with a focus on developing optimised solutions for critical systems.

After talking to RIX about its innovations to support coronavirus efforts last month, gasworld wanted to take some time to talk to Bryan Reid, Chief Sales Officer at the company to discuss some of the other markets the California-based company serves.

“RIX has also been focused on enhancing our legacy designs, one of which is a complete system for the production oxygen in other mission-critical applications,” Reid explains.

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Source: RIX Industries

“Fully qualified for military marine use, these highly integrated autonomous systems deliver liquid and gaseous oxygen on demand, and are ideal for the reduced energy, size, weight, and maintenance requirements aboard marine vessels.”

“However, the marine segment is currently our largest, primarily driven by our long-term support of the US Navy.” 

RIX’s involvement in the defence industry dates back to the early 1900s but the real expansion begun in the 1960s/70s with the award of many military contracts for high-quality, long-life compressor and generator systems.

It’s the company’s involvement in such highly respected market segments that has helped it earn its reputation as a developer of specialised, custom-designed systems for extremely challenging environments.

USS Ford

Source: RIX Industries

Just late last year, the US Navy christened its Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier, USS John F. Kennedy which was fitted with RIX’s nitrogen generator systems and a liquid oxygen plant.

“RIX Systems are used extensively across the Navy fleet, including destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers, and submarines.”

Talking to gasworld, Reid explains that RIX is continuously engaging with prospective partners to expand its technology footprint and to provide innovative solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

“Some of these include systems for renewable energy, unmanned aircraft, and the next generation of marine platforms. RIX has a proud history of partnership and collaboration and remains dedicated to the support and success of our customers, end-users, and critical supply chain.”