RLE Technologies has launched a new wireless carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor to measure the three critical facility metrics of CO2, temperature and humidity.

Unveiling the WiNG-CO2 sensor on Tuesday (27th July), the monitoring solutions and leak detection systems company said the innovation reports the crucial values to a WiNG-MGR or BMS-WiNG, and can alert users of the measurements via email of a web user interface.

The sensor is available in both 900MHz and 868MHz configurations and can be used in a variety of applications including tracking building air quality, monitoring HVAC systems and monitoring horticulture facilities and greenhouses.

Commenting on the launch of the product, Brian Joes, a Firmware engineering at RLE and Product Designer, said, “CO2 has quickly become a critical metric for many of our customers and the data provided by the WiNG-CO2 is accurate, timely and actionable.”

“This sensor is a versatile solution that you can quickly add to any new of existing WiNG system. Monitoring air circulation helps track building occupancy for the comfort and safety of your building’s occupants, and it also allows you to monitor air handling equipment and quickly detect impeded airflow, stalled fans, leaks, blockages, and clogged filters.”

Jones continued, “The sensor is built around really robust technology. The CO2 module we use in the WiNG-CO2 sensor is self-calibrating, zero maintenances, has a broad range and excellent accuracy, plus a 15-year CO2 sensor life expectancy.”