Roberts Oxygen Company, Inc. a distributor of compressed gases and welding supplies has elected Will Roberts as its President.

Roberts began working full-time for Roberts Oxygen Company, Inc. in May (2012). Since joining the comany Roberts worked in various jobs of increasing responsibility including the last three and a half years as Corporate Vice-President.

“We are pleased to announce Will’s election to president,” said Bob Roberts, Chairman of the Board.

“His skills and results have contributed to our growth and efficiency over the last six years and will ensure continuity and leadership for our continued customer focus and growth,” said Roberts.

Roberts graduated from Cornell University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He joined Raytheon Solipsys as a Software Engineer in 2006 where he worked on geographic information systems for commercial and military customers.

In 2009 Roberts co-founded WonderProxy, an internet company that helps companies do localisation testing of their websites. He joined Roberts Oxygen in 2012 and began his training in all the operations of the company.