The Kuwait-headquartered ROC Group Al Khalid has wide business interests across the Middle East and North Africa. Set up four decades ago, the founders of The ROC Group realized, very early on, the importance of industrial gases in the region which was to go on to supply two-thirds of the world's oil needs in the coming decades. Right from its inception, ROC ensured that local industries did not have to look beyond the region to meet their industrial gas needs. The Group started its operations by manufacturing and supplying industrial gases to meet the varied demands from all industries.

In 1984, The ROC Group set up a subsidiary unit in the United States called Air Cryo Inc. The American subsidiary focuses on designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning air separation plants and nitrogen liquefiers for gas producers and end-users. Air Cryo plants produce liquid and gaseous oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. Applications include chemical, petrochemical, power, electronics, healthcare, metal fabrication, and paper industries, just to name a few. Air Cryo has over 70 installations in more than 30 countries.

Over the years, the ROC Group has established production, storage and distribution facilities for products such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, acetylene, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and dry ice at various locations across the Middle East and North Africa.

Customer confidence has propelled the ROC Group of companies to being the market leadership of the industrial gases sector in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. The group has been a trendsetter, introducing innovative gas supply solutions in the region. Emirates Industrial Gases Company (EIGC), one of ROC's companies in the UAE, signed a 20-year Build-Own-Operate (BOO) gas supply scheme contract with US-based Guardian Industries for its first glass plant built in the United Arab Emirates during the second half of 2006. EIGC will provide an on site production facility for nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen gases to support the 700tpd glass production at the new plant. This is the first such contract to be undertaken in the region.

EIGC recently entered into a 15-year BOO gas supply scheme agreement with Al Ghurair Iron & Steel Company, a new cold rolling and galvanizing complex that will soon rise in Abu Dhabi. EIGC will provide the facility for production of nitrogen and hydrogen required in the production of galvanized steel coils, hot rolled pickled and cold rolled coils. Al Ghurair is one of the biggest business conglomerates of the region.

The ROC Group today has clients in locations across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Commenting on his group's forward march, Mr Al Hareth Al Khalid, senior vice president, ROC Group, said, $quot;Our main strength is our employees. Over the years, we have been able to build and sustain a talented team with huge experience. We have continuously invested in technology, capabilities and capacities, ensuring that we are ready to take on any challenge in providing gas solutions.$quot;

$quot;The signing of the supply scheme contract with Guardian is a proud moment for each one of us at ROC. We have always believed in taking up challenges thrown at us in the market. Our vast experience in building plants across the region and beyond, coupled with our engineering strength and world class distribution facilities have allowed us to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.$quot;

Over the last forty years, ROC has diversified its activities and has made successful forays into various businesses. These include medical equipment trading and manufacturing, engineering consultancy, real estate and travel-related business. With innovative and insightful decisions, the group say it strives continually to achieve the pinnacle of business excellence through a customer oriented approach in all of its activities.

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