Desert Mountain Energy, and and its US subsidiary Desert Energy Corp., has appointed Robert Rohlfing as Executive Vice-President, Head of Technical Operations, as well as a member of the Board of Directors.

Rohlfing is a seasoned oil and gas industry operations executive with a strong geological background and over 25 years’ experience in formulating, conducting and managing successful exploration, drilling, development and production programmes for oil and gas and minerals.

Rohlfing’s skill set includes extensive experience managing and conducting drill programmes and production operations for hydrocarbons in the US Southwest.

He has drilled a well in Northern Arizona which encountered helium and has a thorough understanding of the geology of Arizona’s Holbrook Basin and its structural features which serve as potential trapping mechanisms for commercial helium reservoirs.

“We are very excited that Robert Rohlfing is now joining the company as Head of Technical Operations,” said Irwin Olian, CEO of Desert Mountain Energy.

“He brings a wealth of hands-on experience conducting and managing oil and gas operations and exploration, including considerable experience in our area of focus, the US Southwest.

“He comes with outstanding credentials, knowledge and experience that will be invaluable in helping guide and develop the company’s programs.”

Rohlfing was previously with Seminole Oil Productions, LLC., vendor of the Kight Gilcrease Sand Unit (KGSU) oil and gas project to DME.

DME, with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, is engaged in exploration and development of helium, oil and gas and mineral properties in the Southwestern US. It is also involved in exploration and development of helium resources in Arizona’s Holbrook Basin.