German industrial gas specialist Messer, has announced the forthcoming construction of an air separation plant in Romania, in addition to the current formation of air separation plants across Europe and China.

Building on its long-standing partnership with the Russian pipe manufacturer TMK (Trubnaja Metallurgical Kompanija), Messer will be building the plant on the TMK steel pipe production site in Resita. The €20m plant is scheduled for July 2009 and will be producing nitrogen, oxygen and argon for local manufacturers, medical oxygen for hospitals and the home care of patients and represents Messer's first own production plant in Romania.

Messer owner Stefan Messer comments, $quot;Instead of geographical expansion, we are going for growth in our core markets in Europe and Asia, mostly in close collaboration with local industry.$quot;

Currently constructing air separation plants in Spain, France, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Switzerland and China with a total investment volume of €180m, the plants operated by Messer are being constructed by German plant manufacturer Cryogenic Engineering.