Indox, a subsidiary of the Spanish Ros Roca Group, is celebrating 40 years in business next year. Today the tank manufacturer is positioning itself to lead the design and supply of LNG storage and distribution equipment.

The Ros Roca Group
The Ros Roca Group, the privately owned Spanish manufacturing company, celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2003.

The company was founded by Ramon Roca I Sala and Ferran Ros I Pijoan. The company has developed from its humble beginning as a workshop in Agramunt to become a leader in capital goods and environmental engineering in Spain and the rest of Europe.

These days Ros Roca\\$quot;s president is Ramon Roca, son of the founder, but both sons, Ramon and Salvador, are responsible for the day to day running of the business; Salavador Roca is responsible for the Ros Roca Indox division.

The company is at the forefront of waste matter and methane capture for power generation. LNG and CNG is also now a major focus for the group.

The former independent company, INDOX, is soon to celebrate 40 years in business///

Indox is the tank and tanker-manufacturing arm of Ros Roca. It was formerly an independent company, founded in 1967 to cater for the chemical and food distribution and storage needs of Spain.

The Ros Roca Group acquired Indox in 1989 and it was during the 1990s that the company developed the cryogenic equipment side of the business. Indox is now the brand name for its road tanks and storage tanks business and is the main supplier to the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

The company splits its business into cryogenic and non-cryogenic storage.

Production capacity is about 1000 units a year and the company has expanded into the European market for all ranges of products. It has a CAD/CAM design facility at its head office in Tarrega, where tank and tanker manufacturing is undertaken.

In 1995, the company attained ISO 9001 certification. It has also received the environmental certification ISO 14001.

Cryogenic Products
Indox manufactures both cryogenic tanks and tankers for air gases, CO2, N2O and LNG use. Cryogenic static tanks range in size from XX to YYY cubic metres capacity. The company has just built its largest tank to date \\$quot;“ 280 m3 LNG for Norway (see picture). The company uses a combination of perlite and vacuum insulation for its static tanks.

Its road tankers are built as rigid and semi-rigid trailers with a capacity of up to 56 m3 (maximum 21 tons LNG). The majority of road tankers are now built for LNG use and can be supplied with either polyurethane or vacuum/perlite insulation.

LNG is a fast growing sector on a worldwide scale and Ros Roca Indox is positioning itself to lead the design and supply of LNG storage and distribution equipment.

A recent move into LNG conversion kits enhances INDOX's LNG technology portfolio///

LNG Conversion Kits
The Ros Roca Group has recently moved into the LNG Engine Conversion Kits business to enhance its LNG technology portfolio. This includes systems for duel fuelling and also for conversion of truck and other engines to use LNG as a fuel source rather than CNG. The company has developed and registered two patents on the enhancements on turbo-chargers.

Company facts
Indox is located an hour drive from Barcelona, in Tarrega. The company has 16000 m2 of manufacturing space and employs 280 workers in both design, administration and manufacturing. Turnover in 2005 was about €35m.

Contact details
Ros Roca Indox: Ctra N-11 Km, 505, 25300, Tarrega (Lleida), Spain.
t. +34 973 50 06 50
f. +34 973 50 14 20