Gas control innovator, Rotarex SA, has unveiled a new compact, point-of-use regulator in order to free up valuable laboratory bench space.

As a result of its condensed design, the Linestar allows for higher density set-ups with up to one point-of-use every 8cm horizontally.

Solène Garnavault, Marketing Manager at the Luxembourg-based enterprise, commented, “Linestar is extremely compact and can be installed in any lab configuration, including front mounted panels – so there’s no need for rear mounting. This makes Linestar more convenient to use and improves lab productivity as it can be placed in the most efficient and comfortable locations.”

Linestar image rotarex

Its design integrates a pressure gauge into the pressure regulator and each model can be equipped with an optional flow control valve. The implementation of a high-contrast colour selection also differentiates the controls from the fixed parts and gives operators 360º visibility of the ¼ turn shut-off valve.

Additional features include improved chemical compatibility, an ‘easy fix’ pre-positioning system and a 60-micron mesh filter to prevent unwanted particles from entering during installation.

Each Linestar point-of-use is 100% tested with helium (He).