Rotarex SA has introduced the new e-Linestar, a digital version of its ultra-compact point-of-use for laboratories that features remote connectivity.

By giving an extremely accurate display of gas settings at the lab bench and on a smartphone or tablet, e-Linestar helps improve technician productivity and prevent gas analysis features by providing real-time gas status.

Charles Strobel, Rotarex Global Marketing Manager, commented, “Rotarex is taking a leading role in applying that latest digital technologies across many applications to make gas use safer. e-Linestar is the latest product in our portfolio that uses digital displays to improve gas setting accuracy and ease-of-use. The digital Linestar comes with remote gas monitoring options available for smart phones and tablets that employ Bluetooth or Cloud connectivity. This allows personnel to monitor gas status anytime, anywhere.”

The new e-Linestar from Rotarex

The new e-Linestar from Rotarex

e-Linestar also leverages digital functionality and connectivity to send an alarm notification if a problem arises, such as abnormal pressure, battery level, sensor default or electrical failure.

e-Linestar is very compact, with an extremely low profile. Since it is designed for easy mounting on laboratory furniture and fume hood panels, it can be placed wherever a point-of-use is needed. Strobel continued, “e-Linestar frees up lab bench space, enabling technicians to be more productive. It’s user-friendly design also helps them work more safely by giving them a clear view of all key functions at a glance.”

Fully compatible with 6.0 gas purity, e-Linestar delivers highly precise pressure reduction and flow. Strobel elaborated, “e-Linestar is a premium quality product that has a long service lifetime. Requiring little maintenance, it delivers a lower cost of ownership over time.