Rotarex SA has introduced its new compact cartridge switch over board range for speciality gas that is 20% smaller. Through innovative engineering, this range now makes it possible to save valuable space while maintaining high performance.

In addition, modular design gives gas supply system designers and installers the flexibility to configure a cartridge switch over board to their specific requirements. Semi-automatic or manual switch over options are available, with four different combinations of inlet/outlet pressures and four types of diaphragm materials. Plus, they can choose to add other features, such as a purge valve, outlet valve, outlet pressure regulator, or digital pressure sensors for remote monitoring.

Charles Strobel, Rotarex Global Marketing Manager, elaborated, “The switch over boards come ready to install, with all components pre-mounted on a panel. We’ve also designed an ‘easy-fix’ system where the switch over board is delivered on a fixation rail for easier and quicker installation.”

The cartridge switch over board range is manufactured with highly engineered and tested components that optimise specialty gas compatibility and ensure a long product lifetime. By integrating filters, Rotarex engineers have improved functionality and prevented gas contamination risk. Additionally, with small dead volumes in the overall design, purge gas consumption is reduced and there is easy and safe access to all functions and serviceable components.

A reliable automatic switching mechanism built into the switch over board range ensures there is no interruption to the gas supply. Continuous operation prevents downtime and increases overall productivity.

Strobel concluded, “Compact size - 20% smaller than our current best-selling models -, exceptionally stable outlet pressure, premium quality and modular configuration work together to improve safety and productivity while delivering a lower cost of ownership over time.”

The Rotarex ultra-compact cartridge switch over board

The Rotarex ultra-compact cartridge switch over board