Grasys is to supply an AdA-0.10 adsorption nitrogen plant to the Russian-French joint venture CJSC RUSKAN, producing the ROYAL CANIN series of animal feedstuff, with the plant required to ensure food packaging and storage requirements are met.

The adsorption nitrogen plant will be operated at the customer’s plant in the Dmitrovsky district of Moscow, in the vicinity of the village Kuzyaevo.

The plant is designed for ensuring compliance with process requirements by pet food packing and storage.

Grasys adsorption plants (AdA) are high-technology systems for nitrogen production, designated for storage, transfer and packing of food products such as butter, cheeses, juices, carbonated beverage, yogurts, coffee, nuts, and potato chips.

The AdA-series plants are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest developments in the field of gas separation and help to ensure high reliability and failure safety of the systems

The standard equipment of adsorption plants includes an air compressor, air purification unit, adsorption gas separation unit and the plant control system, while due to complete automation, constant control is not required during plant operation.