Responsive Respiratory, Inc. (RRI) is celebrating its 15th anniversary as the leader in high-pressure home oxygen (O2) equipment and supplies.

Over the past decade and a half, the US-based business has grown from a regional start-up to a nationally recognised domestic manufacturer and distributor of O2 equipment.

Founded in 2002 in St. Louis, Missouri, RRI has been dedicated to providing O2 services to the US homecare and hospital sectors. Its full line of professional respiratory products includes O2 conservers, regulators, cylinder carts and racks and carry cases.

As well as offering high pressure O2 products for patients and homecare needs, it also provides O2 delivery supplies for emergency service professionals and industrial and distribution cylinder storage and transport solutions. 

Company President Tom Bannon said that the milestone represents its “commitment to customers, service and product.”

“RRI has flourished from our desire to provide exceptional service to our customers. We offer a broad range of personalised solutions and exceptional service that sets us apart in the industry.”

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