Tolyatti chemists have found an application for carbon dioxide created during the manufacture of ammonia .

The company in question, KhimTeko will build on their existing base at KuibushevAzot (Tolyatti, Russia, ), and produce up to 100 000t of the gas a year. The product will then be sold onto beer and soda water manufacturers.

KhimTeko is currently engaged in the preparation of neccessary documentation for building, says Gennady Revnivtsev, executive director $quot;KhimTeko$quot;. Start-up of the first step phase, which will produce 50 000t of carbon dioxide a year, is planned in 2008. A year later capacity should reach the heights of 100 000t per year.

The raw material behind this project will be the carbon dioxide thrown out from the production unit of ammonia on KuibushevAzot. Mr. Revnivtsev has not mentioned the cost of project but explained the pay-back period will take about five years.

The supplier of technology and the equipment behind the project is Danish firm Union Engineering. Michael Mortensen, export sales manager of the company, has confirmed cooperation with KhimTeko and the project is a first for the area. According to Gennady Revnivtsev, $quot;There are no manufacturers of carbonic acid with the same purity (99,98 percent) as we have planned in the Volga region.$quot;

The large capacity of the first stage of production will allow KhimTeko to get at the same stage as leading manufacturers in the European part of Russia. It's a good market to be in as the cost price of carbon dioxide is minimal for chemical nitrogen plants (it is a by-product of manufacture).

Vladislav Isaev, analyst of Finam, said, believes the projected volumes of release Химтэко should sell easily in the market of the Volga region.

Open Company KhimTeko was founded in 2006 specially for the realization of liquid carbon dioxide manufacturing at the KuibushevAzot base.