The SACGA has decided to adopt EIGA’s Safe Transport of Gas campaign in South Africa, which will be implemented by the three major gas companies during the first six months of 2009.

At the European Industrial Gas Association’s (EIGA) Winter Technical Meeting in Dusseldorf in early 2008, the campaign titled ‘Transporting Gas Cylinders or Cryogenic Receptacles in ‘Non-Dedicated’ vehicles’ was launched.

The campaign had been developed by EIGA’s Safety Advisory Group and the respective national associations discussed this subject at an annual meeting in
Brussels, in April 2008. It was then decided that each regional gas association would decide when to promote the campaign within their own country.

Revealed in the December 2008 issue of its Gas Focus newsletter, the SACGA has now decided to adopt the campaign in South Africa and it will be implemented by the three major gas companies during the first six months of 2009.

Maximum coverage
A leaflet entitled ‘Safe Transport of Gas’ has been written by EIGA and there also exists an ‘excellent’ PowerPoint presentation (EIGA TP17/08) as the principal training material for the project.

The training package is designed so that that single pages can be printed and used as posters by the industry’s distributors and contractors. The SACGA will also prepare a press release to obtain the maximum coverage possible within its membership and national magazines.

The gas industry goes to great lengths to design its cylinder delivery trucks to
international standards, that are both safe and ergonomically acceptable to its
distribution personnel.

However, large numbers of cylinders are collected from the main gas suppliers’ distributors in particular, using non-dedicated vehicles. It is ultimately hoped that, by introducing this training package, safety incidents concerning the transport of cylinders in non-dedicated vehicles will be greatly reduced.