Chairmanship of the Southern Africa Compressed Gas Association (SACGA) has officially changed hands this summer, at the association’s recently held Annual General Meeting.

The event saw chairmanship formally transferred from Laurie Raison of Air Liquide, to Don Mackinnon of Afrox, a member of The Linde Group.

In a further development from the meeting, gasworld can report that the SACGA is likely to have a strong involvement in a new registration system for Gas Practitioners.

It is expected that the recent approval by the South African Qualification and Certification Committee (SAQCC) of a registration system for Gas Practitioners will demand significant administrative input from the SACGA - to process over 130 applicants already identified by the association.

A Gas Practitioner is a person registered with the SAQCC to conduct work in the following gas industries: Natural Gas; Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG); Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Gas; and Compressed Gases - Industrial and Medical.

Under the new system, practitioners can be registered in one or a combination of areas, on either a domestic, commercial or industrial level. These areas include Design, Construction, Installation, Instrumentation, Commissioning, Inspection, and Maintenance.

The credentials of suitably qualified Gas Practitioners will be accessible on a database at the SACGA website ( to assist in the identification of service providers.