Witt has enhanced a proven safety device to maximize protection during oxy-fuel gas welding.The new Super 85 is said to be a 'truly slimline' model which will better suit safety specialists, at approximately 33 by 150 millimetres the Super 85's size suits most applications.

The benefit is the straight slimline design. This makes fitting possible in even the narrowest places, regardless of orientation. If a back pressure or flashback should occur, the Super 85's pressure-sensitive cut-off valve interrupts the gas supply in a fraction of a second to prevent explosive mixtures from forming and any further potential hazardous outcome. The outward and visible sign that the safety device has operated is a red warning ring. If the cause of the operating fault has been rectified, the user restarts the gas flow by sliding back the housing sleeve - a safe system.

The company said: $quot;It is only a matter of time before this advanced gas technology from Germany will, with this additional safety element find rapid acceptance by companies with a keen focus on safety.$quot;