H2Gen Innovations Inc. has announced the sale of 2 HGM 2000 onsite hydrogen generation units for installation at the Egyptian Iron and Steel Company (EISCO) in Cairo, to supply hydrogen for heat treating in bell annealing furnaces.

The sale of the units to EBNER Industrieofenbau GmbH, a leading worldwide manufacturer of bell annealing furnaces and heat treatment facilities, is a ‘further milestone’ in the expansion of the company.

The HGM 2000 units for use in Egypt will comply with European standards for pressure equipment.

Barney Rush, CEO of H2Gen, commented, “This sale is a further milestone in the expansion of our company. Our excellent record of reliability at the existing HGM 2000 installations, and our ability to meet a tight shipping schedule were key factors in winning this order.”

“With single or multiple HGM 2000 installations, H2Gen can provide low-cost hydrogen solutions from 30 Nm3/hr up to 200 Nm3/hr. This flexibility is particularly attractive for customers expecting a gradual increase in their hydrogen demand, giving them the opportunity to add capacity as demand increases,” Rush added.