Global screw compressor producer, Atlas Copco, achieved sales of around ¥30bn due to strong growth in the semiconductor and electronic power sectors, and is now targeting the solar battery market as an area for expected growth in production.

Also demonstrating strong activity in sales of reciprocating machines which use nitrogen, argon and air, the company’s domestic sales in Japan for all business areas, including excavating equipment and machine tools, came to almost ¥30bn.

Based in Sweden and with the world’s largest oil-free screw compressor plant in Belgium boasting a capacity of 3,000 units per year, Atlas Copco supply to 150 countries and record total group sales of over ¥1 trillion.

In Japan, the company is thought to be experiencing an increase in sales of screw compressors and is aiming at expansion of reciprocal compressors, as the demand for compressors is expected to increase. According to the compressor division of Atlas Copco, it is focusing on the solar battery market as an area where there is an expectation for growth in production.

Since the company began production of reciprocal compressors in 1904, it has expanded its business with several acquisitions and has 10 production bases across the world including an assembly centre in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan. The firm’s large turbo compressors, for use with cryogenic air separators, are produced by Atlas Copco Energas.