Sanghi Organization is a leading manufacturer of industrial gas technology such as air separation plants and associated equipment. Its engineering and fabrication division is located 20km away from Mumbai in India.

The company has established over 400 projects within India and overseas. In 1991, its export division, Sanghi Overseas, started exporting projects on a turnkey basis and has since set up projects in over 60 countries worldwide.

The manufacturing complex in Taloja near Bombay has an array of modern facilities including machinery, tooling and assembly.

Manufacturing and equipment
As a manufacturer of not only gases but also the plant and machinery that produces them, Sanghi is able to run its plants efficiently.
Its range of products includes plants to produce both gaseous and liquid oxygen and nitrogen, as well as acetylene, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.

The plants are manufactured to international standards and are subject to stringent quality norms throughout the manufacturing and assembly process. The plants and equipment are simple to install, operate and maintain. They can also be skid-mounted and packaged for shipment to remote interior locations.

The company has an in-house research and development wing, which constantly review the design and manufacturing processes.
Sanghi Organization plants are designed to operate in the extreme ambient conditions prevail in different parts of the globe. They are used in the steel, chemical, pharmaceutical and optical fibre industries, amongst others.

Future Plans
The M. K. Sanghi Group's motto is 'Growth with a spirit of conservatism, consistency and conscience'. It expects to develop its present engineering, automobile and e-commerce businesses. Technological alliances and equity partnerships are being implemented. The group is also looking at greenfield projects in high-growth ventures.

Above all it seeks to grow without risk and without creating uncontrolled businesses. It claims a social conscience and a high degree of business ethics will dictate its future directions.

The M.K. Sanghi Group
Mahendra Kumar Sanghi is the chairman and managing director of the Group and is assisted by his sons Vaibhav Sanghi and Ashwin Sanghi.

The M.K. Sanghi Group has four principal lines of business: gas manufacturing, engineering, automobiles, and Real Estate.

The Gas Manufacturing division operates industrial gas plants in Maharashtra and Rajasthan, supplying oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene and other gases to industry.

The Engineering and Exports division, designs, builds and maintains industrial gas plants of varying capacities on turnkey basis to customers within India as well as abroad.

In the 1960s, the M. K. Sanghi Group diversified into manufacturing industrial gases. Some of the group's industrial units located in various states of India are supplying oxygen to the flourishing steel industry and nitrogen to the packaging and pharmaceutical sectors. The group also operates dissolved acetylene plants for steel cutting and welding industries.

Presently the group has three industrial gas units of which two are located in Maharashtra and one is located in Rajasthan.

The group has experience of over 8 decades and expertise in cryogenics, which ensures cost-effective solutions and offers State-of-the-art plants.