Sauer Compressors will exhibit its extensive portfolio of oil-lubricated Sauer compressors and oil-free HAUG Sauer solutions at this year’s ACHEMA trade show.

Since the integration of Swiss HAUG Kompressoren AG last year, Sauer Compressors has exponentially increased its ability to meet the high demands of the processing industry. The single-source provider’s products range from air compressors to complex systems for compressing a large variety of process gases.

Comprehensive compressor expertise

The HAUG.Sirius HP 450 is the first compressor to combine Sauer’s extensive know-how in high-pressure applications and HAUG Sauer’s expertise in manufacturing oil-free solutions. The result is a powerful high-pressure compressor that is entirely oil-free to ensure excellent gas purity. The hermetically gas-tight construction achieves extremely low leak rates and enables 4-stage compression of almost any gas. With a volume flow rate of 60 Nm³/h, the compressor operates at a suction pressure of 5 bar.g and a final pressure of 450 bar.g.

Oil-free solutions

The HAUG.Pluto is another compressor from the oil-free HAUG Sauer range to be exhibited at ACHEMA. It is ideally suited for the recovery and recompression of gases such as helium (He), SF6, oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2). Oil-free HAUG Sauer compressors are known to provide unparalleled process purity and safety. Even in operations with long standstills, frequent interruptions and cold starts, these compressors operate with maximum reliability. Their durable components are designed for a particularly long service life.

Leak-free high-pressure compression

The Tornado WP3325 B3-5 BasBooster-R will represent Sauer’s line of oil-lubricated compressors at ACHEMA. The compressor achieves a final pressure of 400 bar.g and a suction pressure of up to 5 bar.g. With a leakrate of only 0.1 mbar x l/s, this range of models enables the compression of valuable gases like He with virtually no losses.

ACHEMA will be taking place from the 11th - 15th June in Frankfurt, Germany.