Sauer Compressors USA has received the 2019 James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award.

The Maryland-based company was one of 51 facilities that received the award.

The award recognises large and small companies for establishing and maintaining a security programme that far exceeds the basic National Industrial Security Programme.

To be considered for the award, Sauer Compressors USA was required to have a minimum of two consecutive superior industrial security rating reviews, showing a sustained degree of excellence and innovation in the company’s overall security programme.

“We are honoured to receive the Cogswell Award in recognition of our dedication and focus on security excellence,” said Don Eaton, Sauer Compressors USA’s President and CEO.

“This is a clear reflection of Sauer’s commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers while always maintaining the highest security standards in the industry.”

The award was established in 1966 in honour of late Air Force Colonel James S. Cogswell, the first chief of industrial security within the Department of Defence.

Saucer Compressors USA - Security Award

Source: Saucer Compressors USA