Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company Saulsbury will develop a 30 tonne per day hydrogen liquefaction facility for a premier speciality gas company in the US.

Thought to be the first US-based world-scale liquid hydrogen production unit dedicated to the hydrogen energy markets, the major project marks a significant milestone for both Saulsbury and its client.

In a statement released yesterday (14th Jan), Saulsbury said it will be responsible for the mechanical construction of the facility, including the steam methane reformer, waste recovery, process modules and other equipment, as well as the hydrogen compression packages. 

Works on the site have already started, and the facility is expected to be complete in 2021.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with this leading company for this very exciting project,” said Jeremy Nelson, Vice-President Operations at Saulsbury.

“This award solidifies our position in the hydrogen space as we continue to demonstrate our core competencies, skilled project leadership and extensive experience in heavy-industrial construction.”

“Winning this contract and positioning Saulsbury to become a major player in the emerging US hydrogen market marks a milestone for our company,” added Dennis Chismar, Senior. Vice-President of Business Development at Saulsbury.

“I know that the continuation of more than 53 years of success, our best-in-class safety performance and the strong leadership within Saulsbury, were key contributors in winning this work.”

“This project will showcase our commitment to reaching our goals in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).”