Air Products have launched it new OXYRICH EXPRESS oxygen system that’s saves shrimp ponds by increasing their density.

The technology is a small portable system that can be deployed within minutes in emergency situations to save shrimp with declining dissolved oxygen (DO) levels.

The system consists of a self-contained trailer-mounted unit consisting of Air Products’ proprietary oxygen generator and deployable oxygen injectors. The system allows shrimp farmers to raise a pond’s DO level very quickly, reducing the risk of catastrophic failure while improving the farm’s productivity.

Its is said the declining DO levels is the most important concern for shrimp farmers, often causing high mortality or complete loss of the pond and can cost the farmer well over $30,000 USD per pond.

The new system, just being introduced to the market, introduces 1mg/L per hour of DO into a one hectare-sized pond (roughly 2.5 acres). On average, an intensive pond of this size can produce 5,000 and 15,000 kg of shrimp.

Air Products’ Product Manager Ashok Mathur said it’s an important piece of technology, \\$quot;Shrimp Farmers now have a reliable and cost-effective answer for urgent pond-saving challenges. The OXYRICH EXPRESS system is an environmentally-friendly technology and a complete pond-saving solution for today’s shrimp farmers\\$quot;.

As to the cost of the system, information is provided on a direct customer basis. However, Communications Officer for Air Products Tom Yencho says,'the unit pays for itself after saving as few as two ponds in the first season'.