To meet the rapidly increasing demand for liquefied biogas (Bio-LNG) Scandinavian Biogas has strengthened its leadership roster, boosting the company’s potential for expanding its supply network.

As global industry turns towards sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel-based energy, the biogas market has been seeing increased interest in hard-to-abate sectors such as heavy transport. 

This has been bolstered by the EU’s interest in helping to expand the production and distribution of Bio-LNG. 

Bio-LNG’s liquid form significantly reduces the amount of tank volume when compared to compressed gas, mitigating the need for potentially more transport vehicles and lowering unnecessary carbon emissions. 

To help meet this rise in demand and focus on wider European interest, Scandinavian Biogas has made its current Country Manager for Sweden, Michael Wallis Olausson, the new Growth Opportunities Executive. 

Håvard Wollan, Head of Norwegian Operations, will take on the role of Group Sales, Sourcing and Sustainability Executive, while Fredrik Hencel becomes Interim Head of the Swedish Operations during the recruitment drive for a new director. 

Jörgen Eflertsson continues his role in Process, Research & Development, and Anna Budzynski, CFO remains responsible for finance and administration. 

Remarking upon the rapid pace of change within the energy market, Matti Vikkula, CEO, Scandinavian Biogas, said, “The possibilities of biogas and Bio-LNG makes it environmentally and economically interesting.” 

“As a company, we are facing new market opportunities and must adapt production to the ever-increasing demand both in Scandnavia and abroad.” 

“With Bio-LNG deliveries we move from having Sweden and Norway as domestic markets to Northern Europe.”