Ever-expanding calibration gases supplier Scientific and Technical Gases (STG) has revealed the signing of a formal cooperation agreement with fellow company CAC, to develop calibration gases in Australia and New Zealand.

The agreement will see UK-based STG and CAC develop and market calibration gases in Australia and New Zealand – with CAC acting as the exclusive distributor of STG calibration gases for the region.

CAC has distribution operations in Sydney, Perth and New Zealand.

STG is now one of Europe’s largest independent suppliers of calibration gases with manufacturing in the UK and the US. In addition STG has distribution hubs in Dubai, Singapore, the US and Australia and is also building two speciality gas plants in the Middle East with joint venture partners in Qatar and Dubai.

Reflecting on an ever-growing footprint with the signing of the new agreement, STG Director Chris Street said, “We are delighted that we have now formalised our agreement with CAC in Australia and New Zealand, as they bring to the market their expertise in providing excellent service to the safety, gas detection and petrochemical markets.”

Equally enthusiastic was Greg Shire, Managing Director of CAC. He added, “We are extremely excited about working together.”

“Over the past two years we have been working with STG to supply calibration gases into the market. The response from our customers to date has been very favourable, especially with regards to the non-refillable cylinders.”

CAC supplies a complete range of calibration gases, from complex gas mixtures in non-refillable cylinders, through to toxic gas mixtures in high pressure refillable cylinders, regulators and manifolds.

Scientific and Technical gases Ltd meanwhile, was founded in 1996. The company has continued to grow, now supplying gases to customers worldwide throughout the world.