Scott Specialty Gases recently unveiled Emissions Credit Class Gold Standard EPA Protocols at the annual EPRI CEM Users Conference 2005 in Savannah, Georgia.

The new gas mixtures feature a 0.7% analytical accuracy that improves calibration accuracy of continuous emissions monitors (CEMs). Emissions Credit Class protocols significantly reduce CEM error, which is the leading cause of overstating NO and SO2 emissions. As the most accurate calibration gases available anywhere in the world, Emissions Credit Class protocols represent a quantum leap forward in accurate CEM calibration.

Senior Environmental Products Manager for Scott Specialty Gases, Robert Davis said, \\$quot;Calibration error, and the resultant CEM inaccuracy, is costing utilities and other companies millions of dollars each year. Suppose a utility emits 100,000 tons of SO2 and is using a protocol with a 2% analytical uncertainty allowed by EPA. That uncertainty could result in calibrating a CEM on the high side, resulting in overstating emissions by as much as 2%. If you consider a current market value of about $875/ton, the consequence of such an overstatement is a loss of $1,750,000 worth of emission allowances that the utility could otherwise bank or sell\\$quot;.

Davis continued, \\$quot;So eliminating uncertainty of the calibration gas is the key to more accurate emissions measurement. The closer you get to calibrating a CEM with a protocol gas mixture whose contents are known in absolute terms, the closer you get to measuring your emissions with precision. Our new Emissions Credit Class protocols do that job better than any other product available.\\$quot;