Scott Speciality Gases has rewarded several regional facilities for their impressive safety record during 2006.

The board of directors present their annual safety awards only to facilities that fulfil numerous criteria, including no significant injuries or accidents, as well as timely completion of safety improvement projects identified during routine safety audits.

Speaking about the awards J. Frederick Merz, Chairman and CEO seems delighted with his company's strong record over the last twelve months exclaiming, $quot;For the first time in the near 50-year history of our company, we did not have a single lost-time injury. In addition, with just four minor injuries, our injury rate is the lowest it's been since 2001. This is a testament to our dedication to safety in all of our facilities, both here in North America and overseas.$quot;

Those recognised for their excellent record last year include the New Jersey region in the electronic materials group, whilst in the speciality gases group the eastern region, southern Californian region, western and northeastern region are also winners.

Scott says safe operations form a core part of their business, and the awards are a reflection of this. In a statement Mr Merz went further to say he firmly believes careful working procedures areimporta nt because, $quot;Due to the nature of our business, we must remain especially vigilant about safety. Protecting the health and well-being of Scott Team members, of course, is paramount. In addition, our customers depend on us for guidance in the safe handling of specialty gases. Therefore we must be the experts.$quot;