Showa Denko Gas Products Co., Ltd. (SGP), a consolidated subsidiary of Showa Denko (SDK) headquartered in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, has decided to found a new plant to produce liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) gas in Showa Denko’s Oita Petrochemical Complex located in Oita City, Oita Prefecture.

SDK and SGP plan to make the new plant utilise stable CO2 gas sources in the chemical plant of the complex. The new plant is scheduled to be completed and start operation in August 2018, and will have annual production capacity of 15,000 tonnes.

The scaling back of oil-refining and ammonia production processes in Japan has been resulting in reduction in sources of raw CO2 gas to produce liquefied CO2 gas. Consequently, a tight supply-demand situation for liquefied CO2 gas and dry ice is chronic.

To solve tight supply-demand situation and regional supply-demand imbalances concerning liquefied CO2 gas and dry ice, and to maintain stable supply of these products to its customers throughout the country, the Showa Denko Group has been increasing production of them at the Kawaski Plant, supplying them through long distance transportation, and importing dry ice even in off-peak seasons.