Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has developed VGCFTM-X, a new grade of SDK carbon nanotube with an optimised design for resin composite applications.

The company will begin construction of a 400-ton-per-year VGCFTM-X plant at its Oita Complex in March, with the facility due to start up in 2010 and benefiting from a leading cost-competitive position since it can fully utilise the existing utilities at the Oita Complex.

VGCFTM-X, which has been developed using SDK's catalyst and synthesis technologies, has very high electrical conductivity and dispersibility. A small added amount can give stable conductivity to resins, VGCFTM-X is expected to find applications in static-free plastic cases for the carriage of semiconductor/hard disk media parts.

Reflecting increased production of semiconductors with fine structure and hard disk media with higher density, those plastic cases are required to have higher levels of antistatic property to prevent contamination to parts and ensure cleanliness of the air in a clean room.