With Chart’s engineers completing the final test process in just 12 days, the second of Shell’s retail LNG fuelling stations, at Waalwijk in The Netherlands, was opened for business in April.

The station, like its sister fuelling station opened just weeks earlier in Rotterdam, was designed and built by Chart Ferox.

Shell tendered for three LNG refueling stations in 2012 and selected Chart Ferox to design, supply, install and commission the equipment for the stations.

Chart exclusively contracted the installation works with local company Hamer. The fuel stations will be fully automatic, with low working pressure and sized to fill 100-150 trucks per day having two LNG dispensers.

Exciting premiere

Meanwhile, Chart is looking ahead to a positive week in the LNG business as it prepares to debut Europe’s first LNG rail car at the Transport Logistics Event 2015 in Munich, Germany.

Held from 5th – 8th May, the event will see a joint VTG and Chart presence with the new rail car showcased, on rails, at FGL Gleis 3/1.

The prototype is fully tested, approved for railway operations, and available to potential customers. LNG is already distributed extensively by road and water and the VTG/Chart collaboration completes the triangle of surface transport options.