Dedicated hydrogen (H2) company Nel ASA has launched its new range electrolysers which represent the world’s smallest footprint for containerised, high capacity electrolysers.

Its Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser business unit has unveiled the NEL C-range, which features the Nel C-150 and Nel C-300 configurations. The machines have an output capacity of either 150 and 300 Nm3/h respectively – the equivalent of producing either 330kg or 660kg per day of H2.

With a standard output pressure of 200 bar, the added products have been designed to produce renewable H2 integrated with H2 fuelling stations for public and private transportation.

Jon Andre Løkke, CEO of the Norway-based business, signified, “The containerised configuration brings a new level of innovative turnkey design, combined with unparalleled efficiency, practical design that enables quick and simple installation and the most compact solution offered in the market today.”

“With these new products, the customer only needs to push a button after connecting electricity and water. This H2 production technology is second-to-none.”