As international gas supply chains continue to be affected by Covid-19 related lockdowns and the Russia-Ukraine crisis, concerns have been raised over the availability and pricing of industrial gases for all sectors, including specialty gas for hydrocarbon processing in Australia.

Used in hydrocarbon processing in sectors such as compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), spec gases – traditionally imported into the country – are being manufactured by Australian industrial gases company Coregas to help safeguard supply security. 

As the country’s only manufacturer distributing spec gases throughout Australia and New Zealand, the company is contributing to an industry that is forecast to hit a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9%. 

Commenting on the work conducted by the company, Alan Watkins, Executive General Manager, Coregas in Australia, said, “The global supply chain continues to be impacted by current devastating events and recovery from Covid-19 lockdowns.” 

“These world events are increasing global supply chain pressures with significant shipping delays, increased freight costs, forex fluctuations and shutdown of factories.” 

He added that with high prices set to affect the consumer, businesses that do not have current access to spec gases are being forced to stop operation as they are unable to calibrate and certify their plant equipment is operating correctly – a key function of certain spec gases. 

By supplying gas and related control equipment used in the hydrocarbon processing industry, Coregas aims to slash long lead times when compared to importing. 

Applications include high purity gases for laboratory analysers, ISO17034 accredited calibration gas mixtures for emissions monitoring and process control, bump test gases for gas detection safety equipment, and high precision gas control equipment. 

For crude oil refining, Coregas supplies cylindered liquid hydrocarbon mixtures to calibrate analytical instrumentation. 

Made in-country, Watkins revealed that many of the gas components for hydrocarbon processing operations are generated at an air separation unit in Port Kembla before cylinders are filled at a lab in Yennora. 

“From this location, near Sydney, we transport the gas cylinders to locations across the country, and export to international markets.” 

The company utilises a larger floor-standing calibration gas mixture (G size) cylinder, which allows technicians to run multiple tests from a single cylinder, whereas portable cylinders are preferred for in situ testing. 

Coregas encourages Australia customers to purchase in-country to help mitigate global supply chain risk.