Sefco AG, Swiss-based manufacturer of advanced cryogenic equipment, prepares to expand its presence in Asia, with the establishment of Sefco China.

The company offers a wide range of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps specifically designed for the production and distribution of cryogenic liquids such as LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2 and LNG. The product philosophy is based on a compact and lightweight design offering optimal performance without any compromises regarding safety and reliability. All pumps are designed and assembled according to the latest standards for oxygen (O2) service, independently from their actual application.

A significant characteristic of Sefco’s pump design is its modularity which provides hundreds of different pump configurations: each pump model can fit several impellers, inducers and diffusers, thus enabling to offer pumps which are optimised for the customer’s applications. New components are regularly developed in order to match very specific customer needs, even for singularly unique units.

Among its recent developments, in 2017 Sefco introduced an evolution of its market leading electric trailer pump flagship: Varan III – for LIN, LOX and LAR. The new Varan III+ doubles the maximum flowrate at differential pressures over 35bar, thus becoming the new reference in terms of performance. From a mechanical point of view, the new Varan III+ is fully compatible with the still available Varan III.

In order to support its customers in the growing LCO2 market, in 2018 Sefco introduced a LCO2 version of the Varan III trailer pump. It provides all advantages in terms of performance, flexibility and size when compared to other products currently used in LCO2 trailers. This new electric pump completes Sefco’s LCO2 trailer pumps portfolio which already includes the very high-performance hydraulic driven pump: Hydran.

In addition, Sefco continuously strengthens its local customer support in all phases of the projects, including the configuration of the optimal pump design, the creation of specific pump documentation, commissioning and training for maintenance.